We are Infinity Cubed, currently the team is listed below. Infinity Cubed is a complete 3D Print services company. This covers work from design, print, and complete support services. We offer custom manufactured parts, designed by the team at Infinity Cubed. The company also will manufacture parts from your own designs.

My Career

I have worked in a wide variety of industries, as a GE employee. I started in GE’s Research facility Niskayuna, NY. My career began from an education in Engineering coupled with a Chemistry degree. I worked on a range of ceramic materials, polymers, and metals. Around 20 years ago I become fascinated with the potential of 3D printing as manufacturing method. So I dove headfirst into the technology. This led me to an exciting path developing additive methods to manufacture components for GE HealthCare, GE Power, and eventually GE Aviation. This allowed me to to work with an incredible and diverse collection of teams over the years, learning and struggling to perfect 3D printing as a reliable manufacturing method. In May of 2020, GE and I decided it was time for me to retire from industry. So in May of 2020 I set out on my own. The journey led to the creation of this additive business: Infinity Cubed. Named as such because there is an infinite number of products and methods to manufacture incredible items.


I retired from an incredible career in GE Aerospace, and set out to leverage my skills in 3D printing. The objective is to bring unique products to the consumer market place. I decided to purchased Filament based printers, and the hardware to support them. There is a wealth of great opportunity with Filament based products, and some very impressive materials to work with. Next I searched for some challenging and novel products to bring to the world, these can found within the pages here. Feel free to reach out if you have anything you need, or would like to see brought to life. We have the capability to manufacture in many materials, from simple prototype, to fully functional robust metal components.


Kevin calls me super Mel, I’m not sure why. I am just here to hang out and hope that I get incredible treats and toys for allowing him to use my image on these pages. Check out my image and the cool grip we printed as a demonstration of our capability.